News | July 6, 2022

Workzinga Launches Workplace Culture Fit Assessment


Workzinga, a human resources technology company focused on culture fit, launched its first product, Discover. Breaking the mold of existing pre-employment evaluations, Discover features Workzinga's Culture Fit Assessment designed to indicate the alignment between candidates and the company's workplace culture.

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Developed by organizational psychologists, the assessment reinforces the importance of candidates and employers considering each other based on key motivations, leadership preferences, personality, values and job preferences.

Unlike most pre-employment tests that only evaluate six to eight characteristics, the Culture Fit Assessment aligns 26 unique traits. This insight grants hiring managers and candidates a greater perspective into how and where they align on their needs, interests and overall goals. The assessment has no wrong answers and no diagnostic results. The comparison report produced after completing the assessment shows the level of alignment between individuals and companies based on those 26 characteristics.

"We believe there is more to a company than a job posting and much more to a candidate than a resume," said Dan Hunter, founder and CEO of Workzinga. "We surveyed 2,501 U.S. adults as we built this platform, revealing that employees stay at their jobs more than twice as long if it is a good culture fit. We aim to foster authentic conversations between candidates and employers during the hiring process to produce mutually beneficial job placements with greater tenure."

Businesses can purchase Discover for a quicker, more effective and joyful hiring experience. Workzinga is launching two other pre-employment assessments with similar goals on the Discover platform this year.

With headquarters in Brentwood's Horizon Center, Workzinga joins the growing number of tech companies based in the city. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Margarida Rafael and Marketing Officer Cole Evans lead this fast-growing team alongside Dan Hunter.

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About Workzinga

Workzinga is a human resources technology company focused on workplace culture fit. The Culture Fit Assessment on its Discover platform was developed by organizational psychologists and allows employers and job seekers to identify alignment on key motivations, leadership preferences, personality, values and job preferences before hiring. Built on the data that culture fit is essential to lasting hires, Dan Hunter founded the Nashville-based company in 2021.

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