Creating a Motivating Environment (81050)

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Creating a Motivating Environment (81050)
… What would happen if all employees were as excited about meeting the corporate goals as the manager is committed to achieving them?
Customers provide revenue and employees create profit! So what is the role of Management? What do you have to do to insure that the energy, creativity, knowledge, and capabilities of your people are focused organizationally, professionally, and personally? How do you achieve the balance between person goals and organizational goals?

In today's environment where Change is the norm – Leadership and attitudes will ultimately determine an organization's ability to sustain growth and remain fiscally fit. The key has always been the People Connection.

Sterling's unique program entitled "Creating a Motivating Environment" helps leaders to engage their staff and create a motivating environment wherein teamwork is the modus operandi because the people want it to be that way. Communications flourish. Decisions are on-target, every time. The WIIFM (What's in It for me?) attitude disappears. Word goes out on the street that this company is a great place to work! The work environment becomes a Hiring Differentiator and employee retention is at an all-time high. This translates to sustained top-line and bottom-line growth - simultaneously.

This product combines on-line proven assessment instruments (over four million participants) and correlation tools into an effective a multi-phased program that produces significant cultural results with 30-45 days. In Phase One the world's most powerful assessment tools (on-line) are used to determine: (1) An individual's behavior (both natural and adapted); (2) An individual's personal interests, attitudes, and values; and (3) An individual's view of the demands of their work environment. The feedback also provides the individual's behavioral traits in each of twelve specific areas:

Decisiveness/Results Oriented
Sense of Urgency
Vision for the Future
Motivating Others
Customer-employee interface
Follow-up and Follow-through
Attention to Detail
Following Policy

The data further defines if an individual is experiencing conflicts or stress, has a potential for burnout, and highlights inconsistencies in attitudes and focus. The assessments are then correlated to the Manager's view of the work environment and the individual's interactions with others using a 360 degree feedback tool to provide a comprehensive cultural perspective of the individual and the group as a whole.

Phase two is the action phase where the work environment is negotiated with the Manager, position descriptions reviewed and updated, and the analyses rerun. The Manager and the individual then develop specific goal plans with appropriate performance measures, establish action plans, establish developmental learning needs, quantify rewards, and establish performance measurement reviews. This phase also includes a facilitated one-day Communications Clinic for the entire group as a means of jumpstarting the team-building process.

On-line tools, On-site clinic, All Industries, Professional and non-professional workforce, 15-25 participants per program

Accelerating Results!

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