White Paper | April 2, 2008

Target Government Agencies For Workforce Solutions

Source: Business Solutions Magazine

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White Paper: Target Government Agencies For Workforce Solutions

Geographic Solutions, Inc. is an integrator/ISV with a history of successful partnerships with public service agencies in California. The company specializes in providing its Virtual OneStop (VOS) suite of workforce software solutions to employment and workforce development agencies, many of which are in the government sector. That experience came in handy when Geographic Solutions was contacted by the Ventura County Human Services Agency, which provides employment and social services to 30,000 Californians via seven job and career centers. Because of federal and state legal mandates, the agency was burdened with the task of maintaining an aging legacy application that provided job seekers with employment information. The organization needed a more efficient program management module to maintain data on employment and educational programs as well as the citizens helped by the services. "Our ability to convert the agency's legacy data to our VOS system, along with our links to the state of California's main database, were factors in our getting the business," explains Deane Toler, marketing director at Geographic Solutions.

Provide All The Components Of A Service Tracking Solution

Geographic Solutions also installed its VOScan module, an Internet-based application that involves magnetic stripe cards being swiped through high-speed card readers to record personal profiles of participants, their attendance, and the services they receive. VOS ScanCard is a card-scanning system that automatically tracks data and transfers it to Ventura County's centralized database via the Internet. "When someone attends one of the agency's workshops and their ScanCard is swiped, the system records that the person attended the workshop and keeps a detailed record of the services received," says Toler.

VOScan uses card-reading hardware from providers such as AXESS TMC, which makes the TRAX G data terminal. These terminals store participants' data until it is exported into the VOS system through the LAN. The terminals have polling capabilities, Ethernet connectivity, and the ability to store data from more than 30,000 scans and validation tables for checking the accuracy of data. The TRAX G terminals give users the flexibility to take card readers off-site to track services provided at workshops and job fairs. Once the terminals are plugged into the network, the polling application captures the data and records it in the VOS system.

Click Here To Download:
White Paper: Target Government Agencies For Workforce Solutions

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