News | December 3, 2001

Londonderry School System: WebEyeAlert Makes the Grade

In the wake of numerous school tragedies that have shocked our nation, the threat of student violence is ever-present and serves as a grave call to action. For the Londonderry School System, the call came in the form of recurring bomb threats, to which they responded by implementing WebEyeAlert, Inc.'s WebEyeAlertTM – a cutting-edge software solution that provides digital storage, event detection and remote live video monitoring via the Web.

In October 2000, bomb threats became a regular occurrence at the Londonderry School System in New Hampshire. The regularity of the threats, which at one point reached seven in a ten-day period, not only cost students valuable time in class but resulted in over $30,000 in overtime police fees. More importantly, however, fundamental beliefs that schools are inherently safe places for our children were tested.

Things had to change, and with support from students, faculty and the community, the administrative board began evaluating a wide range of security systems that would enable administrators and authorities to watch over selected areas of the school where students were leaving bomb threats as written notes and as graffiti on walls. After researching a number of security systems, the Londonderry school system chose to implement the WebEyeAlert security solution.

According to Chuck Zappala, Director of Facilities at the Londonderry School District, "We chose WebEyeAlert over 13 proposed security systems because of its team's technological expertise, and because the company provided an expandable solution, ongoing support, and the ability to meet our specific needs."

The WebEyeAlert team worked closely with the school and a third-party camera provider to implement the new security system, which was fully functional on Aug. 17, 2001 – about one month after WebEyeAlert was awarded the contract. "WebEyeAlert's open architecture enabled an easy integration with our CCTV system," comments Zappala. "The WebEyeAlert team of experts had us up and running quickly and the software has been running flawlessly since its installation."

WebEyeAlert allows administrators and authorities to monitor their 48 Pelco cameras simultaneously and view both live streaming video and archived video clips of student activity from any internet-accessible PC via a secure Web-based account on The ability to access the school's internal cameras from the Web allows officers, with permission, to quickly see what's going on inside the walls of the school while sitting at their desks at the police station.

"We have had great success with the WebEyeAlert software, and have already eliminated internal school vandalism, bomb threats and reduced the number of false alarms," said Zappala. "Moving forward, we plan to expand our use of the WebEyeAlert technology to accompany additional areas of the school."

WebEyeAlert is a division of Biscom, Inc. Biscom is widely recognized for its pioneering advances in image communications technologies and has been providing Fortune 500 enterprises with FAXCOM's family of award winning of products and services since 1986. For further information, call 978-367-3527 to arrange a product demonstration or visit

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