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eElect provides a host of benefits for the administrator, employer and employee
eElect provides a host of benefits for the administrator, employer and employee. Here is just a sample of what this intuitive automated benefit enrollment solution can bring:

For the employer:

  • Reduce transaction costs PE/PM
  • Enhance and strengthen the company image with employees by offering a progressive, paperless, responsive benefit election system
  • Focus internal resources on the core business plan, not on the transactional nature of benefit enrollment processing
  • Improve employee appreciation and understanding of the benefit program
  • Handle the complete range of available benefits within any organization via flexible configuration options (via flexible benefit selections, employee messages, benefit costs and more)
  • Automate data collection, permitting faster, cleaner interfaces with insurers and providers

For the employee:
  • 24/7, multi-channel availability that is easy to use and easy to access
  • A secure operating environment that guarantees employee privacy
  • Confirmation of benefit elections available immediately

For both:
  • Handle open enrollment and ongoing benefit changes instantly
  • Take less time and hassle to complete the company-wide benefit election process
  • Eliminate the errors inherent in paper processing, and put an end to incomplete, illegible or improper benefit selections and employee frustration
  • Promote employee/manager self-service

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