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  1. Is Your Incentive Program a Ticking Time Bomb?
    An explanation of the dangers of OSHA, Injury Hiding, and IRS tax penalties for failing to tax employee cash & gift certificate awards.
  2. Dispelling Popular Myths About Safety Incentives
    "We don't need to reward safe performance. We give people a paycheck and they deserve nothing more for working safely." If it is true that no deserves a bonus in return for doing what is expected of them, then why are almost all Fortune 500 chief executive officers given year end bonuses based on company performance?
  3. Customers See NuView HRIS As A Key Tool For Future Growth
    Wilmington, MA - July 7, 2003 "Companies who invest in HR systems today are ensuring their future success and growth
  4. How Successful Safety Incentive Programs Reduce Injuries Without Injury Hiding
    The development of an effective safety incentive program is essential in creating a strong safety culture in your company.
  5. Peopleclick Forms Alliance with SHL
    Partnership Strengthens Peopleclicks Permanent Recruiting Solution with Powerful Screening and Assessment Technology, Enabling Recruiters to Spot Talent at an Early Stage
  6. Intracorp Names New President Tom Croswell
    PHILADELPHIA, June 19, 2003 - Intracorp today announced Thomas A. Croswell has been appointed President, Intracorp, Inc.
  7. Effective Motivation
    A little more than a year ago, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration gave every safety director a wake-up call when it fined a company called USA Waste $65,000 for having a safety incentive program. And what a call that was!
  8. Alliant Diagnostics Aids Salvation Army in Rehab of Adults in South Florida
    Boca Raton, Fl – September 20, 2002 On of the many services provided through the Salvation Army is their rehabilitation programs for adults.
  9. Alliant Diagnostics Adds IHOP to Lab-Based and Occupational Screening Clientele
    Boca Raton, FL – June 11, 2003 Alliant Diagnostics confirmed that the final negotiations for a two-year contract as the lab and background service providers for the giant IHOP restaurant chain – FMS Management Corporation are complete.
  10. Avante Group chooses Alliant Diagnostics for drug testing needs
    Boca Raton, FL – March 1, 2002 Avante Group is one of the largest nursing home conglomerates on the east coast.
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